August 11, 2017


AUDITION DATE:  January 28, 2018
LOCATION:  Rock Hall, Temple University
SNOW DATE:  2/4/2018, Location TBA

HONORS RECITAL DATE:  Sunday, February 11, 2018
LOCATION:  Rock Hall, Temple University
SNOW DATE:  2/18/18 at Jacobs Music, Phila.

CARNEGIE HALL RECITAL DATE Saturday, April 7, 2018 1:00 PM
LOCATION:  Carnegie Hall, New York City

AUDITION FEE:  $50.00 per student

RECITAL FEES:  $50.00 Carnegie Hall  $30.00 Rock Hall

INSTRUCTIONS: Teachers must be PhMTA members or pay a $50.00 teacher registration fee.

  1. Each teacher may submit three (3) entrants who may perform a solo, concerto or in an ensemble, but students may only enter one category, from intermediate through collegiate level, age 22. (An ensemble counts as one entry but each player must be entered and pay the registration fee.) Examples of Intermediate piano literature are Beethoven: Sonatas, Op. 49, Mendelssohn: Songs Without Words and Grieg: Lyric Pieces.  Soloists will play one piece (one movement of a Sonata) by memory from any period of the classical literature.  The repertoire must consist of original compositions; simplified arrangements and transcriptions are not acceptable.  Orchestral tutti in concerti must be minimized.  Duets and ensemble pieces may be performed with music.  For questions about appropriate literature, contact Michael Sheadel, as below.
  2. Time limits are as follows: Intermediate level solos: 5 minutes; Advanced solos: 8 minutes; Concertos/ensembles: 12 minutes.
  3. If the student has an unavoidable conflict on the audition date, they may request an exception from Dr. Sheadel to submit a studio quality video recording by January 20. Additional fee: $10.00.
  4. ONLINE REGISTRATION: The teacher is responsible for registering each student ONLINE at by January 9, 2018. No phone or email applications will be accepted.  On the website you will find a copy of the Kiszely Recital Judging Sheet.
    Teachers, please MAIL  one completed Judging Form for each student, ONE check to cover all audition fees and teacher’s fee, if applicable, and a SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED BUSINESS ENVELOPE for the judges’ comments and results to:  Dr. Michael Sheadel, 239 W. Winona Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144. The judges’ decisions will be final.
  5. We recommend that teachers inform students about basic stage etiquette. Dress for the audition is informal but neat. Students must provide music for the judges.  No Xerox copies permitted.
  6. Accompanists in the audition must be the same person who will accompany the performer during the recital. This may be anyone but the performer’s teacher. Accompanists are not required to pay a registration fee.
  7. There will be an Honors Recital, possibly two, at Rock Hall, Philadelphia, for qualified students who are not selected to perform at Carnegie Hall.
  8. Each teacher entering students is expected to help at one or more of the events where your student is involved.

QUESTIONS:  Michael Sheadel, 215-888-6348,