August 11, 2017

2018 Spring Festival

DATE:      Sunday, March 4, 2018
LOCATION:  Rock Hall, Temple University
TIME:      12:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

This festival is not just for the gifted, but for any student who is able to memorize 2 pieces.  Teachers entering students must be members of PhMTA.

EACH TEACHER ENTERING STUDENTS MUST HELP THE DAY OF THE FESTIVAL.   Please arrange your schedule so you are available that  afternoon and FILL OUT the Teacher Assistance form.  Each teacher is required to name two parent volunteers.

SOLO REPERTOIRE: Each student is required to play 2 contrasting pieces by memory.  On the intermediate level or above, pieces must be by composers from 2 different style periods.  Pieces must be played in their original form, not simplified, arranged or shortened.  Repeats should not be taken except for a Da Capo to end the piece in the tonic or if the piece is a minute or less.

ENSEMBLE: Same instructions as solo, except pieces need not be memorized.

CONCERTO REPERTOIRE:  Each student is to play only 1 movement of a standard concerto by memory.

AGE: Student’s age is as of the Festival date of March 4, 2018

PROCEDURE: Each student will be heard by one judge.  The public is invited to attend as space permits.

THEORY TEST:  All students will have the option to take an easy theory test.  Tests will be graded but will not affect the performance rating.  GUIDELINES FOR THE APPROPRIATE THEORY LEVEL FOR EACH STUDENT MAY BE FOUND ON THE PMTA WEBSITE UNDER DSPF FORMS.

AWARDS:  Each student will receive a written evaluation, a ribbon and certificate designated:
High Honors, Honors or Honorable Mention.


ENROLLMENT:  Online Registration is available for the Registration Form, the Alphabetized Student Master List and the Teachers Assistance Form.
To register students ON-LINE go to:

Please complete all three of these forms.

IMPORTANT:  Please time pieces by minute and seconds;

if each of 200 students is over by just one minutes, this can result in long hours waiting.

JUDGING FORMS:  In addition, please download, copy and fill out one judging form for each student to be mailed via US Mail. Send the completed judging form with one check MADE PAYABLE TO PHMTA to cover all student fees to:
Jing Ye
4511 Larchwood Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143

NOTE: Those without internet access may request forms sent by mail from Yi Cao: 215-796-2435


If a student enters more than one category:   i.e. solo plus concerto, a separate $28 fee must be paid for each.  Fill out a separate form for each.

February 9 online registration
February 16 postmark for mailing judging forms & checks

Any special requests must be included with the judging forms.  No late entries will be accepted.

ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES:  Teachers will receive printed instructions before the Festival.  Be sure your students know they must provide music for the judge.

Students who forget their music or use unauthorized photo-copies will receive an automatic rating of Honorable Mention.

AFTER THE FESTIVAL:  Ribbons, certificates and theory tests will be available immediately after the Festival for teachers to take home.

Yi Cao    215-796-2435
Jing Ye   267-456-5226