June 10, 2016


The New Face of MTNA Certification
Effective January 1, 2010 MTNA has launched a new process for certification.
The new process consists of five projects:

Project #1: Write your teaching philosophy


Project #2: Analyzing four teaching pieces

  • Give the historic background of each piece
  • Provide a theory analysis of each piece
  • Provide a teaching approach for each piece
Project #3: Present Your Teaching

  • Video record three lesson segments with the same student
  • Play and video record 5 to 10 minutes of yourself performing (these pieces do not have to be memorized)
  • List materials used in the lesson
  • Write a self-evaluation of each recorded lesson segment
  • Discuss how you adapt the lessons to meet the student’s learning modality
  • Provide your goals for the student
  • Show how you assess the outcomes of your teaching
Project #4: Share Information About Your Teaching Environment

  • Describe how you would foster a teaching environment that promoted learning in your studio
  • Provide documentation
  • List and describe how you use at least three resources in your studio or classroom
Project #5: Discuss Your Studio Policies and Business Ethics

  • Describe how you would ethically deal with three scenarios involving students, colleagues and parents
  • Document your professional, financial and business policies
Information may also be obtained at http://www.mtnacertification.org/ and click on the right hand side bar “New Certification Process,” or by contacting the PA Certification Chair: Joann Marie Kirchner, Ph.D., NCTM
Email: kirchner@temple.edu