June 15, 2016

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General inquiries: info@philamusicteachers.org

Financial & PayPal inquiries: treasurer@philamusicteachers.org


Clavier Companion Subscription:

Contact Marilyn Granahan by February 1, 2018 if you wish to add your name to the group subscription at a reduced price of $20.00. The magazine will be mailed to your residence.

Email: octave21@verizon.net



The initials “NCTM” stand for “Nationally Certified Teacher of Music.” MTNA is striving to motivate teachers to become certified.

For information or advice, please contact Dr. Joann Marie Kirchner. Email: kirchner@temple.edu, PhMTA Chapter Chair, or the Music Teachers National Organization at 1-888-512-5278 listed in American Music Teachers magazine.



Our Chapter has a limited number of seats available for teachers who bring their high school or  college  students for the  Philadelphia  Orchestra Student  Rehearsals.

DATES: The dates are listed with program information on the website:   www.philorch.org

Search under Education Department: Student rehearsals

RESERVATIONS:   Contact Fran Schwartz by e-mail at: franrschwartz@yahoo.com – however, she cannot provide program information on the phone.  Consult the Philadelphia Orchestra website:  philorch.org